Telegesis collaborates with Munisense to deliver bespoke ZigBee Smart Lighting management


Telegesis is collaborating with Dutch company Munisense to provide a complete technology package for smart lighting management. The partnership is intended to deliver products that enable lighting manufacturers to deliver smart wireless lighting solutions to their customers, and optimize energy saving for customers in commercial lighting through wireless ZigBee enabled modules and home gateways combined with a comprehensive backend management system INSIGHTNOW™.
The two companies will further develop technologies that will make intelligent lighting more broadly available and applicable.

Telegesis CEO Nicholas Gomersall says:
“Smart Metering is giving utilities and customers real-time control of electricity usage and mass adoption of wireless technology in the home and the workplace is key to that. Control of heating and lighting appliances is directly linked to the drive to save power and money .Using the combination of ZigBee intelligent radio technology and well thought through management firmware  can give end consumers between 20-40% energy savings in lighting management alone. The collaboration with Munisense’s INSIGHTNOW™ platform and the HW experience within Telegesis we are able to give our customers a configurable solution, which can be tailored to suit their needs.

Telegesis’ goal together with Munisense is to develop technologies that will ultimately reduce customer’s energy usage via real-time monitoring and management of energy usage. More importantly for customers, ZigBee’s standard-based wireless communications will facilitate connectivity between energy-efficient Lighting and Management software that will give them more flexibility over the control of their lighting, as well as connectivity between Light sensors and Temperature sensors.”

Munisense Co-founder George Boersma says:
“Managed lighting is rapidly becoming the norm with the drive for energy efficiency, quality control, personal lighting and the rapid transition to LED lighting.  To make ZigBee and ZigBee LightLink the dominant standard in lighting, cost-effective hardware and scalable management are essential.   Telegesis brings extensive experience in bringing cost effective of-the-shelf hardware solutions to the market. Munisense provides an ultra-scalable managed backend which can be rebranded and tailored to the customers needs, enabling them to get a head start in this fast growing market. The combination of Telegesis and Munisense makes scalable wireless lighting a reality.”