Telegesis press release


Experts and leaders in ZigBee radio technology with particular focus on ZigBee Smart Energy, metering, commercial lighting and solar industry deployments, announce today their partnership with Trilliant, and the roll out of Trilliant® Consumer-Engagement Solutions.

A robust ecosystem of industry leaders which includes Telegesis have joined to deliver interoperable energy awareness devices for utilities to more quickly bring the benefits of smart metering to consumers.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), interoperability is one of the greatest challenges facing smart grids as a multitude of technologies, systems and devices need to securely and effectively talk to each other.

Trilliant have designed a Smart Energy hub which will form the corner stone of next year’s British Gas smart metering deployment.

Telegesis will be providing first level support for Trilliant partners, including In-Home Display,Smart Meter manufacturers and other Smart Energy peripherals companies to ensure interoperability with the Trilliant hub.

Adding information and communications technology to the electric power grid and making everything work together intelligently and securely is a daunting task, yet critical to the success of the Smart Grid. The selection of vendor products will be compatible with the Trilliant Hub (Consumer-Engagement Solutions) so utilities and energy service providers can empower consumers to manage their own energy consumption. Together with these leading home energy companies, Trilliant is delivering real smart grid benefits to consumers.

Telegesis can provide intelligent wireless communications in Smart Energy devicesvia their ZigBee modules. These mesh networking radios extract data from the smart meters which is delivered to utility companies via the Trilliant hub so they have up to the minute information for billing. Power usage and pricing data can also be sent to an In Home Display within each house which will empower consumers to manage their own energy consumption, therefore saving money and energy.

“We are excited that Telegesis will be involved in the deployment, integration and support of the Trilliant Consumer-Engagement Solutions and future smart grid projects.” said Nicholas Gomersall, CEO Telegesis

“It is important that we work closely with all companies involved in this project, to ensure open systems and standards going forward, especially in this rapidly changing home area network landscape”.

With the next-generation, standards-based smart grid communications systems now available, empowering consumers to manage their energy use is becoming a critical driver for utilities worldwide.

Trilliant and leading partners strive to increase the certainty, clarity and quality of end-to-end interoperable, smart grid-enabled, consumer-owned home area network (HAN) solutions. This reduces the risk for utilities in navigating the rapidly-changing home area network landscape.