Teridian introduces the 73S1215F, a low-cost 24MIPS 8-bit SoC for USB-connected smart card readers


Villepinte, France – November 15, 2005 – At the smart card industry trade exhibition Cartes 2005, Teridian Semiconductor Corporation announced the introduction of the 73S1215F, a new advanced integrated circuit that allows manufacturers of smart card readers to build low-cost USB-connected PINpads.

The 73S1215F represents the introduction of the 73S12XX family of products, Teridian’s next generation of System-on-Chip (SoC) for smart card readers. This reader device offers an unrivaled level of performance and the most comprehensive set of features, while being made available at a competitive price level.

The 73S1215F features an 80515 core, which has an instruction set compatible with the industry standard 8052, but requires only one clock-cycle per instruction, which allows up to 24MIPS of processing. Such performance makes PIN encryption possible, as well as high-speed computation for encryption / decryption or digital signature. The on-chip memories (64KB Flash / ROM and 2KB user-RAM) are also larger than its competitors.

Additionally, the 73S1215F is accompanied by the most comprehensive software library available, including USB and ISO7816 protocol layers compatible with full EMV4.1. Teridian will also provide a free-of-charge CCID reference design (embedded firmware) that can be used either as a basis for custom developments, or as a turnkey solution to build low-cost USB or ExpressCard TM smart card reader modules for PC desktops or notebooks, removing the need for any code development.

Teridian’s expertise in handheld smart card reader applications has been strengthened by a close relationship with Xiring, the specialist in smart card based security solutions. Xiring, who has been using other Teridian IC solutions for years, was involved during the definition phase of the 73S1215F IC. As a result, Xiring plans to use this chip for its new products. As confirmed by Laurent Maitre, Xiring, “After having cooperated with Teridian during the definition phase, we are now introducing this new chip in some of our smart card readers. This SoC has many useful mechanisms and functions that are critical for our products. We wish to pursue our close relationship with Teridian in order to improve our product offering.”

73S1215F samples are available now in either QFN44 or QFN68 package forms. The product will be in production in the first half of 2006. For large volume production and/or low-cost needs, die form and masked-ROM options will be available. A development toolkit that includes a 73S1215F Evaluation Board, a JTAG In-Circuit-Emulator and a CDROM (containing Teridian software libraries) will be available in December at $1,100 price.