Teridian Semiconductor Corp. introduces its 73S8024RN in an ultra-small 20QFN Package


Irvine, CA-November 15, 2005 – At the smart card industry trade exhibition, Cartes 2005, Teridian Semiconductor Corp., a leader in the design and manufacturing of smart card interface and reader/controller integrated circuits, announced the introduction of a 20QFN package for its 73S8024RN. This new package option, which has been approved by NDS for use with its Videoguard® conditional access solution, will be the smallest IC of its type in the marketplace, and is targeted for use in audio-video consumer electronics such as set-top boxes, digital TV’s, and personal video recorders (PVR) as well as in payment and SIM-card (subscriber identification module) reader applications.“A number of set-top box vendors have successfully received NDS approval using the Teridian 73S8024RN smart card interface in its 28SO package. We are pleased to confirm the approval of the new 20QFN package option. This new package choice will offer consumer electronic manufacturers a reduction in size of the integrated circuit, while meeting the requirements of NDS Videoguard”, commented Peter Yaxley, Director of Consumer Devices, NDS, on the new 20 QFN package option.

The 20QFN package option is possible due to the low-drop-out (LDO) regulator architecture of the chip, which results in a low-power dissipation compared to other solutions. The smart card voltage is generated by an on-chip LDO regulator instead of the traditional charge-pump DC-DC converter used by other similar circuits. As a result, the 73S8024RN die saves more than half a Watt compared to other products, at maximum NDS or EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) card current conditions.

The Teridian 73S8024RN 20QFN is also suitable for payment and generalpurpose smartcard applications. The chip offers full compliance with ISO7816 and EMV 4.0. The new 20QFN option makes the 73S8024RN even more suitable for applications where PCB space and cost are of concern.“Manufacturer’s of audio-video consumer electronics such as set-top boxes, digital TV’s, PVR’s, as well as applications that require a SIM card reader (home networking, VOIPDECT phones etc) continue to demand smaller parts, with greater functionality and low cost points. We believe this new package option offers the customer the perfect solution to meet those demands”, indicated Jean-Christophe Doucet, Sr. Product Line Manager at Teridian Semiconductor Corp.

Pricing and Availability
The 73S8024RN is immediately available for general sampling and volume production in the 20QFN package. In addition, the 73S8024RN is available in the 28SO and 32QFN package. In this new 20QFN option, pricing starts at $1.00 each in 10k quantities.