The function of wireless data transceiver module in intelligentizing process


The development of technology brings innovation and efficiency to our society, especially in the 21st century. Fast growth and wide application of communication technology, automation and IT have deep effect on life style and industrial production, and bring great opportunity and challenge to smart production and smart life.
The intelligentizing in network environment is not only related to the intelligent hardware design and installation in production and life, but also summarized and improved as a new type of intelligent society management mode, and then it becomes an important part of social transformation. Working model of collaborative distributed computer combined the modern communication technology and computer technology. Fully taking advantage of “human intelligence” and “ machine intelligence” are the basic structure and initial research purpose of intelligentizing. In working model of collaborative distributed computer, low-power wireless data transceiver modules play an important bridging and urging role and enable the realization of intelligentizing.

Wireless data transceiver module

People usually call wireless data transceiver module as wireless module. Wireless module mainly adopts wireless signal such as infrared, ultra sonic wave and radio frequency signal to replace traditional data transmission by cable. The wireless module becomes the important R&D achievement and breakthrough in current technical innovation.

Wireless data transmission can be based on special data transmission system or on public network platform such as CDPD,GSM CDMA. Wireless module has many advantages: 1. Without the cable, it save the installation cost and shorten the installation project schedule 2. Easy to maintain with good adaptability and expansibility. In the same time, wireless data transmission need to improve the reliability and avoid the affect from environment.

Micro-power wireless data transceiver module of Shanghai Sunray Technology Co., Ltd supports the function of low-power and sleep model. Sunray modules are high anti-interference and low BER; they are transparent data transmission and transmitting distance ranges from tens meter to several thousand meters to meet customers’ different requirements. Modules interface and baud rate can meet the requirements of different products and furthermore Sunray modules have good stability. For Sunray modules, customer just need to set the parameter and module can automatically realize their required operation, which realizes the intelligentizing of work and life.

Sunray N3


Application fields

  • Benefiting from automatic wake-up, automatic frequency hopping and automatic routing, Sunray wireless modules are widely used in many fields.
  • water/gas/electricity/heat meter reading and billing system
  • Industrial remote control
  • Data collection system
  • Data communication of railway, oil well, wharf
  • Medical and electronic equipment automatic control
  • intelligent wireless light control
  • Car anti-theft, tyre pressure monitor and four-wheel position
  • Wireless weighing scale
  • Banking queue system
  • Wireless alarm and security system
  • Wireless smart POS system
  • Wireless Dish ordering system
  • LED display screen of buoy or wild field
  • No-parking automatic charging system project in highway

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