The G3 PLC Alliance unveils its interoperability process


Paris, October 8, 2012 – The G3-PLC Alliance announced the interoperability process for the PHY layer is completely defined. A first implementation of the process led to a final plug fest where 5 implementations – from Freescale, Maxim, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments – were shown to be successfully interoperable. Jean Vigneron, General Secretary, is excited to announce that the interoperability process for the PHY layer is not only open to G3-PLC Alliance members, but also to any new implementers of the G3-PLC protocol.

The interoperability process for the MAC layer is currently under definition and will be completed during 2012; the interoperability processes for the 6LowPAN layer and the overall protocol stack will be defined in the first quarter of 2013. All these processes will be open to the members of the G3-PLC Alliance in order to allow the greatest possible interoperability of all different G3-PLC implementations.

In addition, the G3-PLC Alliance is pleased to announce that the specifications of the G3 protocol have been approved by ITU (International Telecommunication Union) as a standard encompassed by ITU G.9955 and G.9956, with the G3-PLC Alliance acting as a user group.

Significant G3 pilots led by major DSOs are now under deployment across the world, with an increasing number of semiconductor companies developing their own implementation of the G3 communication protocol. All these implementations have to be interoperable. Thus the G3 PLC Alliance has dedicated a specific task force on interoperability. Led by TRIALOG, founding member of the G3-PLC Alliance and expert in PLC communication protocols, a team comprising specialists representing the members of the G3-PLC Alliance has been working on the definition of the process for interoperability for several months.