The green smart meter

Green meter1

Utilities throughout the world replace mechanical meters with smart meters for the sake of energy efficiency. Smart meters provide real-time information on energy use and increase energy awareness.

But even smart meters use energy – some more than others. Under the headline “The Green Difference” Kamstrup now launches a new generation of smart residential meters with the lowest power consumption on the market. Apart from being an energy efficient device, the Kamstrup smart meter is equipped with the latest technology:

Supporting the DLMS/ COSEM protocol Kamstrup meters ensure a global system integration interface, which makes the meter fully interoperable with the advanced information infrastructures of modern utilities.

The modular principle in the construction lets the meter facilitate data reading, meter management and intelligent home automation simultaneously in one and the same electricity meter. The meter is able to communicate consumption data in a wireless in-house system thereby giving the customer easy access to information via computer or remote display.

Green meter2

Increased energy consumer awareness is also achieved with flexible display indications showing for instance current as well as average power consumption. The consumer will be able to follow his consumption on a daily basis.

Two-way communication opens up possibilities for remote control: a smart disconnect relay allows shutdown of power supply at a pre-programmed maximum level; and an AMR-based prepayment function via upload makes billing a 100% automatically controlled and secure proceeding. For a stable and secure balancing of electricity demand and electricity supply, the Kamstrup smart meters deliver all necessary data for an efficient load management.

In addition to these state of the art features, the Kamstrup smart meter has an extremely low consumption of electrical energy. The new meter provides the full range of smart meter functions with an energy consumption of 0.6W, taking power savings to a higher level.

Green meter3

This means the Kamstrup smart meter is itself an energy efficient device which on top of that gives access to more information and better data on energy consumption, laying the ground for cost savings and large scale carbon reductions. The new electricity meter will be available from the beginning of August 2009.