The New, leading the way in online metering, billing, CRM/CIS information and innovation.


One World. One Website.

The New, leading the way in online metering, billing, CRM/CIS information and innovation.

How does perfection evolve? How do we find a new destination for where business begins? It’s simple, really – the new After nearly a year of conceptual honing and technical development, Smart Energy International welcomes all metering, billing, CRM/CIS industry members to the evolution of online metering information. The website, combining a multitude of resource areas, news centers, community-based information channels, and innovative new offerings will go beyond what we have ever produced, and begin to which there is no end.

Powerful Resource Center

Knowledge is power – and at no point has so much power ever been available from one source. The new website will offer users an array of choice, and choice-based information channels, accessed from one single destination, that detail a decade of absolute industry information. Among these will be a comprehensive archive of all conference papers presented at our hosted events, all white papers presented on industry related topics at our hosted events, all magazine articles submitted during the 10 years of Smart Energy International and a compilation of global reports on metering, billing and CRM/CIS.

The Epicenter for Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS News

The 21st century has seen the rise of the “Now” consumer and now has never been a better time to deliver instant metering, billing and CRM/CIS to a desktop and browser. One of the driving forces behind the new will be an up-to-the-minute newswire service, streamed from the main page and accessible to all. Corporate Acquisitions? AMR initiatives? The new will make sure you know, before anyone else does. To add to this formidable information force, an archive of all current and previous E-News items will be viewable through our comprehensive E-News Centre, giving you exactly what you want – at the speed of now.

Community-Based Content Channels

All for one and one for all – will empower users with diverse and opinionated discussion channels that will allow industry trends to form topics for discussion both within an article listing, within the multiple forums, and as a possible topic suggestion for Smart Energy International magazine. Unhappy with a view expressed by one of our multiple columnists? Disagree with a point raised in one of the forums? Know of something that we don’t? Simply submit and take part in the greatest community-driven online experience for metering, billing, CRM/CIS at – for all.

Flagship Vendor Portal and Press Office

So why stop there? Why limit the metering, billing, CRM/CIS information genesis to just information? The new will bring to the fore the premium marketing and business channel for industry members, that extends all possible reach and target audiences to a place beyond measurement. The Vendor Portal and Press Office, or VPP, will give affiliates the opportunity to host a micro-site detailing corporate, product and service and event information, as well as contact and concurrent news items – all from one source. Affiliates can choose from several design templates for their VPP as well as design and copy solutions to further extend their business experience.

For a decade we have devoted ourselves to delivering industry information that’s topical, relevant and most all empowering. The new integrates a multitude of streams including information, events, reports, discussion, vendor and creative services to form a formidable internet destination that puts metering, billing, CRM/CIS at the fore of online possibility.
One World. One Website