The Pinpointer


An Unshielded Secondary Cable Fault Locator

Accurate. Affordable. Fast.
Get Right to the Point!

Don’t beat around the bush. The Pinpointer locates secondary cable faults in direct buried unshielded cables to within inches of the fault, even under snow or frozen ground, at street light circuits, at the meter riser, across driveways, sidewalks or streets. You don’t even have to know the exact route of the cable.

Pin1For over 20 years, The Pinpointer has saved users time and money. No costly, unnecessary digging. You get right to the point: high accuracy, low cost, reliable and easy to use.

That says it all.

  • Quickly pinpoints all secondary faults in direct buried unshielded cables
  • Accurate earth gradient method ignores ghost images

Pinpointer Accessories:

  • A-Frame Accessory:
  • For use with the Analog detector unit provided with the PinPointer