The Preloaded Hinged Rhino Ring allows for Hassle Free


Holden, MA -19-Jun-02 — Inner-Tite Corp., manufacturers of security devices for Electric, Gas, Water and Cable TV Utilities, announces production of the New Rhino Hinged Meter Locking Ring. Designed to secure ring-style electric meter sockets, the Rhino Ring features heavy duty carbon steel construction, a high security hinge and a unique preloaded barrel lock, the Rhino Ring is quickly and easily installed in seconds effectively securing the meter socket.
"The Rhino Ring will provide our customers with the best of both worlds, high security and installation ease," states Inner-Tite Corp’s Vice-President and General Manager John Mahaney. "Experimenting with a number of designs and revisions has led us to what we believe is the highest security hinged meter locking ring available." General Sales Manager Mark Graveline adds, "We are very excited about this product. The combination of a high security hinge with a preloaded barrel lock should prove to be an exceptional value to our customers."

The Rhino Ring can be an integral tool for electric utilities that are faced with incidences of meter tampering and theft of electricity by restricting attempts to remove the meter. Installation of the ring can also be an effective tool for collection departments wishing to lock-off the meter due to bad debt. The new Rhino Ring features a patent pending design that allows for easy installation in seconds, without the need for a key. The Rhino Ring also allows for the user to preload the lock again when the ring is removed. Another benefit is in the case where a customer might want to use the Rhino Ring but with barrel lock made by another manufacturer. The Rhino Ring is designed to accept most manufacturersí short or standard length plunger style barrel locks.

The Rhino Ring features case hardening which makes it extremely durable and resistant to saws and cutting tools. Cadmium and Yellow Chromate plating provides superior weather and corrosion resistance. The heavy-duty hinge is recessed allowing for the ring to be properly seated on the meter thereby eliminating any points. With a permanent seal tab that is integrated into the locking mechanism the ring provides greater security and tamper resistance than sealing ferrules.

INNER-TITE Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of the highest quality meter locking devices, meter seals, and a host of mechanical accessories sold exclusively to utility companies throughout the world. These and other products are sold to ELECTRIC, GAS, WATER and CABLE TV utility companies domestically and internationally in over 30 countries. INNER-TITE offers the largest array of meter locking devices and accessories used by utilities to combat theft, promote safety and to protect revenues.