The production of AMR energy meters of Aidon starts up in cooperation with Londian

Aidon Ltd specialised in energy measurements and Chinese Londian Electrics Co. deepen their cooperation concerning the production of Automatic Meter Reading devices. The shared project on product development will this way continue, when the first energy meters of Aidon will be delivered from Londian factories in the beginning of the autumn.
Londian operates in Shenzhen and it has the leading position in developing energy meters in China. The company was founded 1994 and it has already produced over 8,5 millions of energy meters during the last four years.

"Aidon, as a company operating in Nordic countries, is able to understand the latest requirements of the customers in their area in order to provide them immediate services with quality. Londian, with rich experience in the business of electricity meters, owns strong competence in developing and manufacturing all kinds of electricity meters" says Liu Mingyuan, CEO of Shenzhen Londian Electrics Co.

He continues:"The cooperation between Aidon and Londian, when benefiting from each other, can improve the customer satisfaction, the service in this area of technology and the quality of the product, and finally realize a win-win relationship between the both parties."

"The know-how of measurements and AMR-technology complete each other excellently. In the future Aidon can provide the customers with meters of very good quality. These meters are designed to operate as a part of open systems", says Timo Chrons, the Managing Director of Aidon.

Pioneers in open systems

"Our goal is to become one of the leading companies in this business in the Nordic countries. The basis for our functions are open systems, so that the energy companies are able to combine more freely various AMR techniques", Chrons continues.

The liberalisation of the European energy markets has begun from the Nordic countries, where energy companies are required to measure the consumption more in real time. The changeover to the AMR-systems is delayed by various systems that do not function together.

"Aidon has long time experience on Nordic markets and a deep understanding of the new needs of the energy companies and the consumers. We believe our cooperation brings clear additional value to all the partners through products of high quality and expert services of high quality", describes Liu Mingyuan, the CEO of Shenzhen Londian Electrics Co.

Two strong strategic partners

Aidon Ltd develops and markets the devices, software and services for Automatic Meter Reading. The company operates in Finland, Sweden and Norway and the major clients are the energy companies. Aidon Ltd was founded in 2004 and it is owned by the executives, employees and capital funds.

The functions of Aidon are based on strong partnerships. With the energy companies Aidon seeks to find new methods to make the use of measurement information and AMR technology more effective. In addition the expertise of Aidon is used in various forums, for instance in the R&D of the standards in the business.

Londian Electrics Co. was founded in 1994 and it is one of the leading manufacturers of the electronic energy meters in China. The company employs a hundred research and product development engineers. 80 of them are experienced experts in measurement and billing systems.

The production capacity of Londian is 3,3 million energy meters every year and they have the ISO9001¨Ccertificate. The company has strong experience in electronic meters, which it manufactures also to the European markets.