The water, gas meter of shanghai Sunray apply for the show room of smart power in expo, smart home solution


Intelligent electric meters can complete Electric energy metering, data logging, also can read data of water meter and gas meter by interlocks in new Intelligent Residential District automatically, users can check data of electric using and pay via net or video terminal. This Electricity information acquisition system has been put to be used in Expo Park, it can help those energy measurement companies of water, electricity, gas complete data measurement, automatic data logging, get kinds of data timely, accurately and completely, meet every department’s requirement of electrical data and get system of marketing, scheduling, production’s data shared with each other, accomplish water, electricity, gas company interaction with users, build scientific, accurate, harmonious relationship with customer to improve the lever of energy using.

YUE FU HAO TING Residents Community in PuDong SH, is intelligent electricity resident. In Building 5/1801 room in this residential quarter, Writer saw it completes home furnishing’s intelligence via net connection to be one trough OPLC. Only needs one control terminal you can control TV, humidifier, air-condition, Electric-drive curtain etc. not only can control but also control every household appliances’ switch and status. Users can get interactive service and service of Energy integration via Intelligent interactive terminal and Smart electricity service platform.

Product presentation:
In this solution of intelligent household model room, it puts into use intelligent water meter and gas meter of SUNRAY product. Gas, water meter complete data measurement, data logging automatically, transfer and get all kinds of data timely, accurately, completely, meet electricity using information requirement of each energy measurement company to get data shared. Users can check the usage of electricity and pay via net or video terminal.

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