The World Electricity Meter Market report and database – Edition 6 2007


In 2007, there were just under 1.6 billion electricity meters installed in the world, with an annual demand of 122 million meters. 79% of the installed base consists of electromechanical meters, 21% of solid state.

54% of the electricity in the world was accounted for by six countries: China, USA & Canada, India, Japan, Brazil, and Russia.

The AMR market continues to develop but it is moving into a new phase. Utilities buying AMR facilities now want more than one-way communication; if they are going to invest in advanced meters, why buy half? They want full AMI capabilities with two-way communication. This is driving forward the solid state meter market in Europe and Asia but, paradoxically, it may retard the development of AMI in the USA because of the existing investment in one-way AMR infrastructure.

The progress of advanced metering attracts varying opinions. Many see it as an inevitable technological development with numerous benefits. But there are those who believe that the cost benefits are so modest that only government legislation will drive it forward.

On the corporate front, important developments continue as the big meter companies reinvent themselves. To consolidate their advantage over the smaller meter companies, the global meter giants are acquiring or being acquired by technology and software groups, so that they are not limited to selling meters but can offer total metering services.

In addition to the information covered above, the report provides information on the following:

  • Meter market size
  • Market analysis and meter types
  • Market shares
  • AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) and AIM (Advanced Infrastructure Management)
  • Detailed surveys of the 29 largest electricity meter markets
  • Meter manufacturing companies
  • Metrology

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