ThinkSmartGrid established


Mike Coop,
founder & MD of
ThinkSmartGrid has been established by a team of smart grid and telecommunications industry experts as a new consultancy that will work with utility, vendor, alliance, and government customers to address and solve issues facing smart grid deployments worldwide.

The group is also able to supplement and enhance existing standards personnel by serving as an extension of in-house standards teams, enabling industry participants to more cost effectively understand and contribute to the myriad smart grid standards currently in development.

The founder and managing director of ThinkSmartGrid is Mike Coop, a 20-year industry veteran who has held business and technical leadership positions in companies including Microsoft Corporation and Cisco Systems. Since 2007 he has been consulting, primarily addressing residential smart grid standards and policy issues.

The other members of ThinkSmartGrid, who each bring more than two decades of experience in their respective fields, are co-founder Chris Kotting, Scot Berkey, Derek Flickinger, Lisa Goodwin, Christine Hertzog, and Jennifer Shadur.

Kotting, who is responsible for regulatory affairs, recently retired from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), where he was the administrator of the Energy Assurance section in PUCO’s Energy and Environment Department.

Berkey, who will focus on systems and architecture, has held executive roles in both the buy and sell sides of the technology industry, and has extensive experience in for-profit education, insurance brokerage, and turnaround leadership situations in a variety of business segments.

Flickinger, who will focus on control systems, protocols, and energy management, is an expert in home automation protocols with extensive experience consulting in enterprise-level business, networking, and communications systems.

Goodwin, who will focus on data models and architecture, has extensive high tech experience, primarily as a system architect, business analyst, project lead, and developer, and latterly has gained significant XML interface expertise.

Hertzog, who will be the “explainer,” is a consultant, author, and a professional explainer focused on smart grid technologies, and among other works has authored the “Smart Grid Dictionary.”

Shadur, who will focus on interactive marketing and search analytics, is an interactive marketing expert specializing in search engine marketing and analytics and has combined skills to provide a more holistic approach to marketing.

“To address the smart grid challenges, we’ve assembled a unique team of subject matter experts who understand these issues, and who will work with our customers to deliver innovative, cost effective solutions to the market,” commented Coop at the launch of ThinkSmartGrid.