Toronto Hydro Chooses SPLí¢€â„¢s Integrated Solutions to Support Mobile Workforce and Outage Management


San Francisco, May 3, 2006—Toronto Hydro-Electric System Inc. has selected SPL WorldGroup to provide its outage management and mobile workforce management solutions. The utility, which supplies 18 percent of the electricity in the province of Ontario, has used SPL’s distribution management system since 2004.
Outage management systems are designed to help utilities sort and analyze calls from customers who are experiencing power interruptions.  They are especially valuable during major storms, when many customers may have their power supply interrupted, and utility staff and crews are stretched to respond to the emergency.  When SPL® Outage Management (OMS) becomes operational late this year, Toronto Hydro expects that it will reduce the average time required to restore power to customers.  The OMS will also allow Toronto Hydro to give callers better information about the nature of the power interruptions and expected restoration times.

Toronto Hydro has already implemented SPL® Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), which is currently in use for special field projects. Its use will be expanded to routine tasks over the coming years.

“Choosing SPL OMS and SPL MWM builds on our positive experience with SPL Distribution Management,” said Toronto Hydro’s Chief Administrative Officer Anthony Haines. “And choosing multiple SPL applications permits us to build our system cost effectively.”

SPL President and CEO Larry Hagewood commented, “We’re very pleased to add Toronto Hydro to the growing list of utilities that are expanding from one to multiple applications within our enSUMIT product suite. SPL’s integrated approach to utility software solutions delivers high returns on our clients’ technology investments, not just initially but also as their operations change and improve over the years.”

Quentin Grady, SPL senior vice president and general manager, the Americas, added, “Toronto Hydro is an innovative company that is committed to efficiency and a high level of customer service. We’re looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with this highly regarded utility.”

About Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

A subsidiary of Toronto Hydro Corporation, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited is one of the largest municipal electric distribution utilities in Canada, delivering electricity to more than 677,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.  Its annual revenues are $2.7 billion; peak demand is 5,005 megawatts; and its workforce of 1,313 skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering a safe and reliable supply of electricity to customers in an environmentally responsible manner.