TRUenergy Goes Live with SPL WorldGroup Providing Enhanced Service to 1.1 Million Customers


Sydney, Australia, August 2, 2006— TRUenergy, one of Australia’s leading integrated energy businesses, has announced the successful implementation of SPL’s Practical CRM, a component of SPL’s Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) solution, to manage its customer quoting and acquisition system.
TRUenergy originally entered the energy market in 1995 and today is one of Australia’s largest integrated energy companies servicing 1.1 million gas and electricity accounts across Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, the ACT and New South Wales.  The organisation also generates electricity in both Victoria and South Australia.
Rapid expansion of the company over the past four years prompted a review of TRUenergy’s customer quoting and acquisition platform.  Following a review of four vendors, SPL was selected to provide TRUenergy with a new quoting and acquisition system.
During the evaluation process, it was clear that the SPL CC&B solution demonstrated flexibility and ease of configuration allowing the quoting system to be smoothly and effectively integrated with TRUenergy’s own existing systems.  However, the benefits of the new system extend beyond increasing quoting capabilities.
Gene Alessi, TRUenergy’s Customer Service Manager, said, “We now have a platform that turns every consultant in our service centre into a sales professional.  We’re not just selling product but looking at enhancing relationships with our customers in a competitive market environment where churn rates can run at up to 25 per cent.”
“Our decision to go with SPL was based on cost of ownership, flexibility and scalability,” Mr Alessi said.
“In addition, we liked the fact that the product has a modular architecture and could be configured with our own organisation’s quoting system while helping us to respond to regulatory and market changes that effect utility rates and pricing.”
All communication and interaction through the SPL solution has been customised according to the TRUenergy’s own rules and processes, and applied consistently to all customer touchpoints, irrespective of the channel.
SPL CC&B was implemented in five different phases to ensure that at each step of the project it could test the results, migrate data seamlessly and mitigate risk as the system gradually went live.
One of the benefits of the SPL CC&B system since it went live earlier this year is that not being handicapped with a license cap, all 250 TRUenergy customer service consultants can now access the system simultaneously resulting in faster responses to customer’s calling for a quote.  
“Cultural change has been another benefit with the traditional reactive services business within the contact centre now transformed into a proactive sales environment where agents can maximise the customer interaction by cross-selling and upselling services and products across the business,” Mr Alessi said.
SPL is continuing to work with TRUenergy to integrate quoting with billing across the entire business, including gas, electricity and potentially non-energy products.