Type 4 Size 3″ Flowmeter


Neptune?s 3" Compact flowmeters are superb instruments for metering petroleum products from large tank trucks where head loss must be kept to a minimum. The Type 4 meter with a strainer is excellent for metering products from large tank trucks. The 350 GPM Type 40 is ideal for bulk metering in storage facilities. 

Standard meter comes with:

  • Air release valve
  • Strainer
  • 2" Type 1 Auto Stop Valve (Type 4 Meter)
  • 3" Auto Stop Valve (Type 40 Meter) 

Type 4 Size 3" Flowmeter Features
Compact design

Basket type strainer can be removed from the top and cleaned quickly and easily without spilling product.

The 3" Type 4 Petroleum meter can be used in applications on large bulk tankers for rapid unloading, bulk tanker loading terminals for tank truck filling and storage facilities where product movements between tanks must be measured or custody transfer is involved.

Type 4 Size 3