Type 40 Flowmeters

Because of the value and volume of product metered in any bulk plant or truck operation, errors are costly. For this reason, accuracy is the most important criteria in flowmeter selection.

Neptune’s 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" Type 40 flowmeters provide the accuracy and convenience you need in measuring refined petroleum products and allow you to control cost, loss prevention and invoicing.
These rugged positive displacement flowmeters incorporate Neptune’s refined fuel measuring chamber, which has only one moving part?the oscillating piston.

New York City Transit Authority employs 1-1/2" Type 40 Petroleum meters on dispenser stations for bulk refueling of city buses.

Type 40 Flowmeter Features


  • Outstanding long-term accuracy
  • Reliable ? the oscillating piston is the only moving part in the meter
  • Easy Installation
  • Fast and easy calibration positive change gear selection
  • Low cost of maintenance and cleaning
  • Ideal for loss control, loss prevention and invoicing
  • Weights and Measures approved world wide

Type 40 Flowmeter