U.S. Patent No. 6,406,074 Awarded for OneShot Meter Locking Ring


Holden, MA – 18-Jun-02 — Inner-Tite Corp., manufacturers of security devices for utilities, announces the granting of U.S. Patent 6,406,074 for the OneShot Meter Locking Ring. The patent applies to the unique design of the break-pin and end cap that are the means of securing the locking ring around the meter. The patented design of the break pin and end cap allow for establishing a secure union between the two components requiring a special key for removal.
The OneShot Meter Locking Ring is designed to secure ring style electric meter installations from unauthorized access or removal. Available in Carbon or Stainless steel the OneShot is designed for long term installations such as AMR Meters where frequent service and access are not required. Recognizing the growing AMR deployments, Vice President and General Manager John Mahaney developed the concept for a locking ring to secure these installations. The foremost design criteria required that the ring provide security and be able to be installed without a key. "As electric utility companies began AMR deployments, we responded to the need for a long term and secure device to lock these meters. Because of the use of outside contractors, we required that this product be installed without a key." Mahaney said. The resulting patented product has been well accepted by a growing number of utility companies looking to secure the AMR installations.
The OneShot Meter Locking Ring from INNER-TITE is the perfect solution for securing AMR meters, contractor installations, and all meters that should be locked off for the long term. The OneShot Ring is shipped fully assembled with a Break Pin and End Cap and ready for installation. The OneShot Key and replacement locks are sold separately.

INNER-TITE Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of the highest quality meter locking devices, meter seals, and a host of mechanical accessories sold exclusively to utility companies throughout the world. These and other products are sold to ELECTRIC, GAS, WATER and CABLE TV utility companies domestically and internationally in over 30 countries. INNER-TITE offers the largest array of meter locking devices and accessories used by utilities to combat theft, promote safety and to protect revenues.