U Series Industrial Diaphragm Meters


The U series range of diaphragm meters, produced in the UK to meet the specific requirements of the UK metering market, consists of the U16, U25, U40, U65, U100 and U160. Covering applications with flow rates from 0.32m³/h to 160m³/h, the meters register in cubic metres and match the dimensions of the diaphragm meters commonly used in the UK.  Pulse output is fitted as standard. 

  • Reinforcing bar to protect the meter when fitted to rigid pipe work
  • Tern-coated steel for optimal performance in UK climatic conditions
  • Dedicated meter produced in the UK for the UK
  • Designed to BS4161 pt 3/5, complies with EN1359, manufactured in ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001 factory

Key Features

  • Precision built measuring units for long accurate life
  • Index driven via a stuffing box – reduces susceptibility to contamination in iron piped networks
  • Dimensions tailored to UK installations
U Series Industrial Diaphragm Meters