U6 Residential Meters


The U6 and SC6 meters are produced in the UK to meet the specific requirements of the metering market in the UK. The U6 has reinforced casework and a 2 litre measuring engine that is designed to work safely in a wide range of gas installations by imposing a minimal pressure drop in the gas supply. The SC6, in the same meter "family", is a plastic- bodied meter designed for integration in semi-concealed, outdoor installations.


  • Reinforcing bar to protect the meter when fitted to rigid pipe work
  • Terne-coated steel (or plastic body) for optimal performance in UK climatic conditions
  • Dedicated meter produced in the UK for the UK
  • Designed to BS4161 pt 3, complies with EN1359, manufactured in ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001 factory.

Key Features

  • 2 litre measuring unit for long accurate life
  • Index driven via a stuffing box – reduces susceptibility to contamination in iron piped networks
  • Dimensions tailored to BS6400 installations
Actaris U6 Residential Meters