Jim Kelly, one of the early pioneers of the Smart Grid, is welcomed onto On-Ramp’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Mr. Kelly was the senior vice president of Transmission & Distribution for Southern California Edison (SCE), where he led  the utility’s T&D business unit, and pioneered several distribution grid automation programs.  Prior to that, Mr. Kelly served as vice president of Engineering & Technical Services at Southern California Edison (SCE), responsible for planning, engineering, and designing SCE’s electrical grid, as well as research and development, safety and training. In this role, he formed the company’s Advanced Technology organization, which has gained national prominence for its leadership role in electric vehicle and Smart Grid technology.

“On-Ramp is bringing the next-generation of wireless platforms to the utility industry. Having worked with numerous radio technologies for grid automation in my career, I understand the challenges facing utilities trying to enable the Smart Grid. On-Ramp’s Ultra-Link Processing (ULP) system fills a major technology gap in the industry enabling applications previously not cost effective to deploy or operate with wireless. The technology’s unique ability to address challenging application environments, such as below ground assets, while simultaneously having the capacity to drastically lower the network and operating cost of smart meter programs, compelled me to join the Company’s Strategic Advisory board The technology has the potential to be a real game changer,” said Mr. Kelly.

“With an impressive career in the utility industry and a combination of deep technology and business knowledge and experience, Jim is a perfect fit for our Strategic Advisory Board. As we continue to provide electric utilities with effective wireless applications, Jim’s years in the industry will be an invaluable asset to guide our product development strategy and business focus,” said Joaquin Silva, President and CEO of On-Ramp Wireless. “We are thrilled to welcome him to the On-Ramp team.”