The Victorian Department of Primary Industries has announced its endorsement for Metering, Billing/CRM Australia & New Zealand 2007 as a timely forum to discuss the issues and opportunities associated with the further evolution of AMI.
In 2005, an expert study was commissioned by the Victorian government, in collaboration with state distributors and retailers, to investigate the use of enhanced communication technology in electricity metering. The study demonstrated a positive societal case and, in 2006, the Victorian government determined that Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) would be deployed to all Victorian consumers by 2012. Since then, all other Australian jurisdictions have committed to a process to examine the case for AMI.
Among the discussions at the upcoming event will be an update on activities and developments in Victoria.

Metering, Billing/CRM Australia & New Zealand 2007 takes place in Melbourne, VIC, from October 23-25, 2007.

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