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Rik Verheyen,
Business Development
Bausch Datacom NV/SA
In Greece Bausch Datacom NV/SA, a Belgian smart modem manufacturer, will cooperate as a subcontractor with the Société Anonyme under the name “Intracom Constructions Société Anonyme Technical and Steel Constructions" and the distinctive title "Intrakat" to deliver 14.300 Smart GPRS Modems for the Bid Call under the number ND-193 Declaration Auction of the project "Installation of Telemetering System for Major LV Customer Meters".

Subcontractor of “Intrakat” in Greece for Bid Call ND-193 of the Public Power Corporation (PPC)

The project involves the engineering, design, construction and installation, in the area of Athens, of the total Measurement Data Telemetering and Processing System (Primary and Back-Up), with a capacity to communicate with 100.000 meters. Moreover, the project includes the supply, installation and integration of the electricity meters along with GSM/GPRS modems of 60.000 major Low Voltage customers and the provision of all relevant services for a period of 5 years. For the installed base of 14.300 Actaris-ACE6000 meters Bausch Datacom will provide the InduBox GSM IV, connected to the meter by a serial RS-485 or RS-232 interface. The GPRS modem needs to function in a default GPRS mode, able to switch to GSM CSD data and vice versa. This functionality cannot disturb the transparent communication between the meters and the remote Telemetering System.

Bausch Datacom supplies the 25.000th InduBox GSM/GPRS modem to Belgium’s electricity companies Eandis, Ores and Sibelga
At the end of 2011 Bausch Datacom proudly supplied it’s 25.000th InduBox GSM/GPRS modem to Belgium’s electricity companies Eandis, Ores and Sibelga (former Electrabel).
Being a subcontractor of Itron in Belgium since 2002, the company supplies the modems for remote reading of Itron SL7000 industrial electricity meters (56-100 kVA and above).

Contract of 5.000 GPRS Remote Terminal Units for Infrax, a Belgian electricity distribution company
Bausch Datacom recently was awarded a 5-year contract for the supply of 5.000 GPRS Remote Terminal Units to Infrax, a Belgian electricity distribution network company.

Infrax will use the Bausch DinBox RTU SL6087to guard and monitor each transformer substation in their 10 kV distribution network using the input information for online load flow calculation. A second goal of this Smart Grid project is to connect all short circuit indicators to the DinBox RTU SL6087: in case of a short circuit in the grid, all necessary data will be available to minimize the loss of power according to the European directives.

Co-development and manufacturing of controllers for EV Smart Charging Infrastructure
In cooperation with eNovates, Belgian pioneer and market leader on Smart Charging technology, both the communication RTU as the car-charger communication controller were developed by Bausch Datacom – thus providing a high-quality, cost-effective and fully programmable solution for charging electric vehicles which enables smart charging features such as power management and instant load balancing.