Vitzrocell Military


What is the military product?

This pack product is composed of the Li/SoCl2 Unit cell for use with military utilities such as security devices and radio frequency channel selectors. 

Nominal capacity and operating time range

Appliance’s needs will determine pack composition. 


  • BA-6853K 
     Pack composition : 4pcs ‘D’cell series
     Nominal voltage: 14.4V
     Operating time range : more than 25 hours  
  • BA-6086K 
     Pack composition : 4pcs ‘D’cell series and 2parallel circuit
     Nominal voltage: 10.8V
     Operating time range : more than 25 hours 

Operating temperature range : -55 ‘C ~ 85 ‘C 

Security devices, detection equipment., AM/FM radio frequency channel selectors in the next term, Switchboard for Night, explosion remote control equipment, range finder, ignition equipment, Night vision equipment, target acquisition equipment.

Product Numbers:

  • BA-6853K  
  • BA-300K 
  • BA-6813K 
  • BA-6818K 
  • BA-6802K 
  • BA-6821K 
  • BA-6863K 
  • BA-6812K  
  • BA-6086K 
  • BA-6218K 
  • BA-6012K  
  • KBA-6100

Vitzrocell Military