Wamr GNet system gas meter wireless prepaid solutions


The key technology of this solution is Wamr GNet wireless ad hoc network. Wamr GNet, developed by Shanghai Sunray Technology Co.,Ltd. after three years of elaborate research, is a wireless remote AMR system combining simplified Zigbee low-power wireless ad-hoc network technology and water/gas/heat/electricity AMR requirements.

Wamr GNet solution has mainly solved “the last mile” difficulty for wireless AMR applications. With the help of GPRS/CDMA uplink channel and MIS utilities information management system, meter reading is no longer a laborious, time-consuming operation. WAMR GNet adopts wireless communication technology, meters can realize seamless connection in the network that can satisfy different AMR requirements come from various building constructions.

Wamr GNet Ad Hoc wireless communication technology can achieve automatic build network, bulk meter reading. Network automatically initiated by the concentrator, through the data exchange among concentrator, router and meters ultimately determined multi-layer routing path across the network decided by concentrator. While the bulk meter reading sponsored by the concentrator and then broadcast to get reading. If there is any gas meter failure to read, concentrator will get its reading one by one through max 3 routings.

Meanwhile, WAMR GNet using for gas meter’s prepaid solution can reach 100% meter reading successful, meet the requirements of various building construction. It supports remote system upgrade and maintenance. Its network doesn’t rely on any other mobile or fixed communication devices. The gas meter has low power consumption as average of 30uA for one meter. Two DC power port: one is replaceable 4 pieces of alkaline batteries. Another is unchangeable lithium battery. Various of functionalities including measurement, remote communication , valve control, power supply management, alarming, prepayment, ladder price, freeze and information display etc.    it is compatible to different metering interfaces like pulse counting and photoelectric direct reading.    

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System consists of :
Wamr GNet system gas meter wireless remote reading prepayment system consists of concentrator , router and gas meter. It supports automatically build network, and router adding by manual.

1.SRWF-7009 wireless communication RF module.

SRWF-7009 wireless communication RF module is a gas meter support two ways communication and approvaled by RoHS and CE. With the background management system can remote operate on the meter’s valve.

SWWF-7009 wireless communication RF module on the status of no interference has lower current less than 30uA. Two DC power port: one is replaceable 4 pieces of alkaline batteries. Another is unchangeable lithium battery. it is compatible to different metering interfaces like pulse counting and photoelectric direct reading.    


  • measurement
  • remote communication
  • valve control
  • power supply management
  • alarming and information display
  • prepayment and ladder price
  • daily freeze and monthly settlement.
  • sleeping mode for energy save


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Technical parameters

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2.SRWF-JZQ03 concentrator

SRWF-JZQ03 is a wireless communication meter reading device with up link with pc central via GPRS and down link with router via RF modules. SRWF-JZQ03 can remote manage all devices on the system such as the information management of concentrator, router and meter terminal. User can remote get meter data and do other operations via this concentrator, user  Max.512 nodes can be managed by concentrator. PC central can realize real-time management of meter reading system via concentrator. Managements include: read and write the basic parameters such a ID, RTC, RF for concentrator and router; get router and meter’s archives; read and write the way of network built by concentrator and start concentrator building network; read and write the node’s relationship on the system; and meter data real time freeze; read and write the meter price, charge amount, and balance alarming and overdraft consume; get meter prepayment information and set meter parameter report; valve control, and clear abnormal etc.
One key build network automatically. Local network building is available for the devices which are not enter into the network. Meanwhile, it support network relationship configuration by manual.  

Power up by AC 220 V. GPRS support 4 bands.

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Technical parameters :

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TP110N adopts 32 bits ARW9 CPU and embedded TPOS operation system. It is compatible with older type handheld unit and supports a faster data transmission speed and program running speed. It is a new generator handheld unit with rich functionalities and flexible developed
Functions: data collector and storage, calculation, statistic, equerry and information exchange etc.

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Technical parameter:

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4. GK series wireless gas

GK series wireless transcription intelligent gas meter is high-tech integrative product. This series meter uses advanced wireless transmission technology. Through microelectronic control circuits, it converts the pulse signals of traditional mechanical meter into electrical signals. Then the metering data is transmitted to background platform through GPRS network automatically, or it can be collected by a hand-held wireless unit from outside of the houses and after that downloaded to a computer through USB port.


  • Remote valve-control to solve arrearage problem.
  • Three-stage automatic routing to increase transmission distance.
  • real time reading and Ladder-type pricing
  • ERFCU design, ultra-low power consumption
  • WOR remote awaking technology to increase transmission distance
  • Wamr Net routing protocol to ensure data security
  • High speed transmission, data reading for single meter within 1.5 seconds
  • Simple and practical structure with renewable battery.
  • Disassembly structure for electronic part, convenient for maintenance.
  • Mainly applicable to new construction projects, or reconstruction projects for old residential area which are inconvenient for wring deployment.
  • Wireless transmission technology is applied to realize outdoor meter reading, which simplified system installation by avoiding wiring deployment. Solve the meter reading problems.
  • The wireless transmission distance for hand-held unit is over 200
  • Friendly user interface for management software of background platform. Variety of formats for data output and customized link with billing system according to customer’s needs.
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5.SRWF-ZJQ7A Router

SR-zjq7A is a relay equipment of Wamr Net system to ensure reliable connectivity between meter reading terminals and data concentrator units. It receives signals from other devices and then forwards them with a higher transmit power. In this way the transmission distance of system elements is greatly increased. The Router will be deployed at proper positions in case the meter is too far away from concentrator or just located in a dead corner.

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Electronic Parameters

  1. Voltage Supply: 7.2V battery
  2. Memory Temperature: -30℃~+65℃
  3. Working Temperature: -25℃~+55℃
  4. Relative Humidity Range: 10~90%RH
  5. Built-in Wireless Module: frequency 473MHz, transmit power500Mw
  6. Dimension: 150x85x44mm
  7. Transmission distance >800m(open area)