WAMR will be on its way


Water, power and gas meter are indispensible infrastructures in our life. Intelligentized sub-district not only has to provide residence but also services of outdoor reading of meters and automated charging etc.

The traditional way of meter reading often requires the reading staff to read data and settle up the bill from door to door which brings trouble to estate management and users at large. It is troublesome not only because reading errors caused by the human eye or misreading due to numbers written by a blurry pen are innumerable but the gathering of statistics costs time, manpower and money.

Wireless Automated Meter Reading (WAMR) Net System, however, does not require the reading staff to read data from door to door which means you can read data outdoor with a hand-held unit or data concentrator unit. It saves time, manpower and money, improves the working efficiency and lowers the cost of estate management which really benefits the users at large in the sub-district.

Wamr Net System is a reticular system with DCU and HHU and data centre as its nodes. The meter reading terminal is battery powered and adopts methods of ultralow power consumption and reliable pulse monitoring and collecting. At the time of reading, local terminal connects itself with GPRS through which it sends down instruction to every corner that has been covered with utilities information management system and GPRS data concentrator unit can send down instruction to the corresponding collector within 1 second and the collector can successfully read the desired meter data and upload it after 1 second. Users can control the valve of water meter remotely by GPRS which can avoid the problem of arrearage.

Wamr Net System, researched and developed by Minsen Meter Co.Ltd, is the most advanced system of wireless smart meter reading and represents the future orientation of smart metering in China.