Warm Net System: AMI Solution for water meter, gas meter, and hot meter


System Introduction
The key technology of this solution is Wamr Net wireless ad hoc network. Wamr Net, developed by Shanghai Sunray Technology Co.,Ltd. after three years of elaborate research, is a wireless remote AMR system combining simplified Zigbee low-power wireless ad-hoc network technology and water/gas/heat/electricity AMR requirements.

Wamr Net solution has mainly solved “the last mile” difficulty for wireless AMR applications. With the help of GPRS/CDMA uplink channel and MIS utilities information management system, meter reading is no longer a laborious, time-consuming operation.

Whatever what the kinds of meter terminals they are, meters can realize seamless connection in the WAMR network that can satisfy difference AMR requirements come from various building constructions. Meanwhile, WAMR Net ad hoc radio communications technology can compatible is compatible to different metering interfaces like pulse counting and photoelectric direct reading. Meters with or without valve-control function are both available to customers. The success rate of wireless auto-meter reading can reach to 100% ensuring high adaptability.       

Wamr net operate remote maintenance and upgrade. Its network doesn’t rely on any other mobile or fixed communication devices.

In managed network, if one node breaks down, the whole network will be not functional, while Wamr Net has self-recovering characteristics. Instead of replying on managed routing, the transmission will walk around broken node by automatic relocation of forwarding paths to make the system remain functional. The system ha slow power consumption as average of 30uA for one meter. If the battery capacity is no less than 3.3A/h, our meter will have 6+1 years of reliable product life.

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Product information
SRWF-8009 is a Meter Reading module dedicated for AMR system (WAMR NET SYSTEM).This module has integrated functionalities of automatic frequency hopping, three layers routing and automatic wake-up, which have solved frequency interference problem and increased transmission distance. Auto-wake up function can greatly reduce the meter reading time and realize a high rate meter reading success.

  • Auto-wake up
  • Auto-frequency hopping
  • Auto-routing
  • 3.6V lithium battery for power

1. Meter Terminal module for AMR——suitable for water meter with valve

SRWF-8009-BDX series

Sunray P4b

Electric parameters:

Sunray P4 T1

SRWF-8009-BDC Series

Sunray P4c

Electric parameters:

Sunray P4 T2

2. Water Meter Terminal module for AMR——No valve

SRWF-8009-BDB Series

Sunray P4d

Electric parameters:

Sunray P4 T3

3. AMR Module for GAS METER

SRWF-8009-HV(V1.4) Series

Sunray P4e

Electric parameters:

Sunray P4 T4

4. M73E

Sunray P4f

Electric parameters:

Sunray P4 T5

5. Concentrator

The RF module using for SR-888concentrator adopts two-way data transmission with special frequency. It is a production with mature technology and have been wildly applied on meter reading area. SR-888 can manage all collectors which are fall with its communication scope. And then data will upload to PC central via GPRS. Besides, SR-888 is powered up by 220V 50Hz civilian power, meanwhile it uses stabilizer switching to ensure the reliable application.
Electrical Parameters :
power supply :85V~240V AC,50Hz/60Hz
Working temperature :-20℃~65℃
Relative humidity :10~95%RH
Active power :<2W
GPRS:Dual band 900MHz/1800MHz
Main board dimension :202mm×235mm×40mm(without antenna)
Built-in wireless module :
working frequency:470 MHz      Transmit power :500 mW
High liability: waterproof structure, outdoor installation, secure grounding required.
Signal cover scope ( radius ) :500m

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6. Collector

SR868 collector has communication with meter reading terminals, routers and concentrator by RF modules. It can achieve auto-routing function to collect metering data, and read by Hand-held Unit or SR-888 Data concentrator. Using the collector to manage water/gas meters will reduce the meter reading workload greatly.

SR-868 Features:
500mW Maximum transmit power 500mW
Working on amateur frequency, no need to apply a special frequency.
High anti-interference ability FSK modulation with FEC coding technology to ensure resisting ability against pulse interference and random interference.
Baud rate 9600bps,8-e-1
Maximum 20 routers. Automatic routing optimization and backup.
Real-time meter reading, periodically uploading and data frozen functions.
High reliability and nice shape
Maximum 200 meters managed

Electronic parameters :
Power supply:85V~240V AC,50Hz/60Hz
Working temperature:-25℃~85℃
relative humidity :10~95%RH, no concreting
wireless transmission distance:500m
communication interface:9600bps,8-e-1
Built-in wireless module : frequency 470MHz, transmit power 500mW

7. Router

SRWF-869 is a relay equipment of Wamr Net system to ensure reliable communication between meter reading terminals and data collector. It receives signals from other devices and then forwards them with a higher transmit power. In this way the transmission distance of system elements is greatly increased. The router will be deployed at proper positions in case the meter is too far away from concentrator or just located in a dead corner.

Voltage supply: two pieces of 3.6 battery serial connection
Memory Temperature:-30℃~+65℃
working temperature :-25℃~+55℃
Relative humidity :10~95%RH
Transmit power :17dbm
Size :150×85×44mm

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