Water Meter Summit workshop: best practices for selection, acquisition and implementation


Over the past three years, Dave Hughes and Don Schlenger have undertaken a project, on behalf of the AWWA research foundation to develop guidance documents for utilities to evaluate, select, purchase and successfully implement AMR projects. In the process, the team aims to identify the appropriate costs, benefits and risks of the undertaking.  

Through a collaborative approach, the project team have drawn on perspectives from a variety of utilities that have or are in the process of AMR programs and through literature study and contact with AMR firms on the current status of the industry.  They will observe new case studies of AMR selection and implementation to provide practical insight into how utilities are currently applying the principles and tools of AMR that are available.

The project has also investigated new ways that AMR may be used more effectively in pilot programs designed to engage the customer in conservation efforts, enable the water utilities to better manage and control leakage, and to potentially be alerted to the serious concerns implied by backflow.  By joining utilities and the AMR industry engaged in finding these broader uses, corresponding shifts in the current cost benefit model equations will be evaluated and incorporated in the guidance documents.    

Take advantage of hearing the project findings at the Water Meter Summit co-located with the 10th Annual Metering, Billing/CIS America conference. The workshop will take place on Sunday March 22, and seats are limited. To register for the workshop click here. For more information on the AMR research project, please visit www.wateramrresearch.com

Dave Hughes is the Senior Infrastructure Engineer in American Water Company’s Office of Innovation and Environmental Stewardship.   Dave Hughes’ primary responsibility at American Water is to identify, promote and develop effective use of new technology to manage the firm’s buried assets.  This includes the study and development of AMR for American Water to include cost benefit models and oversight of pilot studies.  Pilot studies have included the combination of AMR with acoustic monitors and other potential interfacing of technologies.

Don Schlenger is an internationally recognized consultant and former utility executive with more than 30 years’ experience in advanced metering project justification, design and implementation; utility operations and management; and strategic planning.  He has helped numerous utilities successfully evaluate, justify and implement advanced metering projects and has lectured extensively on AMR project planning and management. Dr. Schlenger was responsible for one of the world’s first large-scale deployments of automatic meter reading, founded and served as first president and executive director of Utilimetrics, and continues to service on the Utilimetrics board.

10th Annual Metering, Billing/CIS America Conference & Exhibition
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