Water not to be privatized in Fiji

Fiji water

Suva, Fiji — (METERING.COM) — July 22, 2006 – Following rumours over possible water and sewerage privatization in Fiji, Mahendra Patel, chairman of the Charter Preparation Committee on Water, today allayed concerns that this would happen.

Commenting that there were many problems associated with the water supply, including outstanding bills amounting to $5 billion annually, approximately 50 percent of consumers not being legally connected to the supply network and therefore not paying bills, and most water meters in use being outdated, Patel reiterated the Committee’s promise to deliver on basic services.

He also called for the creation of a new body to oversee basic water supply and metering. “On addressing these problems, the Committee was of the view that a statutory organization that is solely dedicated to the supply of water and management of sewerage be formed,” said Patel. “In line with this move, the statutory organization must gain consumer confidence in the supply of wholesome water on a continuous basis. Similarly, the organization must ensure that everyone is billed and all consumers are legally connected with water metering.”