Wavecard Integrated Wavenis Solution

Wavecard wireless cards can be integrated directly into new products requiring wireless connections.  Wavecard can be connected to a motherboard and controlled via a complete set of simplified commands that let you fully benefit from the sophisticated features in each unit. You can access networks of Wavenis-enabled equipment either with mobile data collection tools or via a fixed radio network. 

  • Includes secure Wavenis communication protocol: FHSS, FEC, data interleaving, AFC, QoS (RSSI)
  • Operating modes: peer-to-peer, broadcast, polling, repeater
  • ISM bands: 400 MHz (Asia), 868 MHz (Europe), 915 MHz (US)
  • I²C and RS232 interfaces
  • 25 mW and 500 mW (5V) versions
  • Range (line-of-sight): 1 km (25 mW), 5 km (500 mW)
  • Average operational current 10µA @ 1s latency – 3V