Wavefrontí¢”ž¢ Wavenis RF Front-end


The Wavefront product line offers RF front-end radio boards that can be integrated into stand-alone equipment that require wireless connections. Based on Coronis Wavenis ultra low-power (ULP) and long-range radio technologies, Wavefront operates the Wavenis RF transceiver while the Wavenis protocol stack is embedded onto the target device’s microcontroller (MCU). The MCU handles both radio management and applications.

Wavefront customers adhere to the Wavenis technology licensing program, and benefit  from Coronis integrator support to guarantee high Wavenis performance. Wavefront is an ideal industrial solution for product volumes up to around 50,000 units, combining the advantages of fast time-to-market and low per-unit costs. 

  • ISM bands (Asia, EU, US) : 433MHz, 868 MHz & 915 MHz
  • P-out max : 25 mW
  • Sensitivity : -110dBm : 1 km line-of-sight
  • Includes the Wavenis RF transceiver
  • Includes voltage regulation
  • Includes EEPROM for Wavenis & application data
  • SPI bus interface with MCU
  • Part of Wavenis Licencing program
  • Comes with compiled Wavenis protocol stack for MCU 
Coronis Wavefront™