Wavenis -A compact ULP solution for wireless sensor networks


Wavenis solutions are built around a highly optimized RF transceiver and protocol stack. Both are explicitly designed to provide VARS, integrators, and manufacturers with the ideal combination of secure and reliable wireless connections, long-range, and ultra-low power (ULP) consumption in their products.

Highly resistant to interference and physical obstacles, Wavenis provides a means for including a wide variety of battery-powered products in PAN, LAN, and WAN networks, particularly for low data rate domestic and industrial applications.

Low power & long-range

Engineered to support wireless applications with extreme power limitations, yet still requiring connections over longer distances than is possible with other protocols, Wavenis OEM solutions can satisfy any engineer’s need to balance development cost with fast time-to-market and product customization. Low footprint and low power requirements also mean a lower BOM for your end products.