Wavenis: Bluetooth extension capabilities


Bluetooth wireless technology offers a potentially vast scope of applications. Originally developed to replace cable connections between communicating devices such as PCs, printers, PDAs, mobile phones, handheld audio devices, and more, this widespread industry standard enables wireless data transmission at a rate of 1Mb/s over a relatively short distance (20 m).

Wavenis wireless technology makes it possible to extend Bluetooth technology to include autonomous battery-powered devices with lifespans of several years. In addition to its ultra-low-power functions and resistence to ambient noise and physical obstacles, Wavenis provides smart access to devices running Bluetooth technology in its ultra-low-power mode. Applications benefitting from an ultra-low-power extension to Bluetooth wireless technology generally have low data transmission requirements and low traffic. Taking into account these real-world needs, such as with wireless sensor network solutions, Wavenis transmission occurs at a low rate (few tens of kb/s) and offers very high radio sensitivity and a high level of reliability that match consumption and long-range constraints.

Communicating devices equipped with Wavenis technology such as utility meters, wireless sensors, alarms, medical and home comfort services may be controlled via a local ultra-low-power network (LAN or PAN). With services that are complementary to those that Bluetooth technology provides Wavenis technology offers these devices access to the outside world easily via a WAN. This architecture offers service providers the possibility to develop new applications via an open service gateway offering an interface between WAN (RTC, WEB, ADSL, Cable, satellite, GSM) and LAN/PAN (Bluetooth/Wavenis) systems.

Interactivity of Wavenis technology with the Bluetooth protocol therefore enables extensive installation of home networking systems communicating with the outside world via residential gateways (OSGi, PlugNPlay, IPV6, …).

By simply becoming a co-renter with the gateway operator, service providers using Wavenis considerably reduce their costs related to an owner infrastructure while preserving the possibility to expand the range of services offered to subscribers.