Wavenis technology-Technology Overview


Wavenis, more than just a wireless technology

Offering unrivaled performance in the field, our state-of-the-art Wavenis technology provides long-range machine-to-machine connections and network services for autonomous devices with extremely limited battery resources. Wavenis OEM solutions are the ideal way for VARs, integrators, and manufacturers to add new and improved value-added services in fast-growing wireless sensor markets. 

Field-proven and cost-effective OEM solutions

With over 500,000 units up and running in large-scale wireless mesh networks around the world, Wavenis technology addresses the specific characteristics and needs of today’s smart sensor environments. More than just a wireless technology, Wavenis is a ready-to-use OEM solution that opens up new product and service possibilities for your company. Our customers are already building innovative products in these categories:

  • Automatic metering and remote data monitoring
  • Industrial automation, telemetry, and traceability applications
  • RFID for personal tagging and track & trace systems