Wavenis wireless technology from Coronis integrated in new solution from Data Health System


Chicago, IL, June 6, 2006 – Coronis, a supplier of ultra-low-power and long-range wireless solutions, announces that its Wavenis technology has been integrated into new products by Data Health System that automatically detect when people fall.
Initially targeted for use in retirement homes, the Ynolis product line includes a fleet of “bracelet watches” connected to a central alarm unit via an ultra-low-power and long-range wireless network based on Wavenis technology.

When a person equipped with an Ynolis solution falls, the bracelet sends an alarm automatically to a central unit, which then relays it immediately to attendants’ pagers for fast reaction. A main innovation in Ynolis is its ability to reliably discern the detection criteria that define a fall.
Wavenis is a wireless technology that offers very long-range communications with the lowest possible power consumption. It is optimized for battery-powered devices requiring extensive autonomy. Under equivalent operating conditions, other standard technologies reach 10-20 meters, while Wavenis reaches over 200 meters. This makes it possible to deploy very lightweight network infrastructure, frequently without repeaters.

Ynolis is being launched after several months of testing at the Montpellier University Hospital (France) and at the City of Paris Center for Social Action. DHS is currently selling Ynolis directly to retirement homes for a price around 1 Euro per day. The company is in the process of negotiating agreements with leading medical product distributors in France and internationally.
“After rigorously evaluating a number of solutions, Wavenis technology from Coronis clearly stood out as the performance choice,” explains Dr. Charles-Antoine Roussy, CEO and founder of Data Health System. “Today Wavenis offers the best price/performance ratio on the market.
With it, Ynolis can reach several hundred meters and offer a battery life of several months.”
With sophisticated wireless techniques and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) in license-free 870 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (North America) bands, Wavenis technology combines long range and ultra-low power consumption (10µA on average, with 1-second deterministic access time). It is robust against physical and electrical interference while coexisting in perfect harmony with other wireless technologies, including those operating in 2.4 GHz bands.
Thanks to a European “Eureka” program with Switzerland, the fall-detection solution in Ynolis will soon be integrated, along with Wavenis, into a wristwatch with Swiss design and technology. The new design will be available for people at home starting in 2007. Ynolis received the Grand Prize in the Pan-European Innovation Contest.

About Data Health System (DHS)
Based in Nîmes, France, Data Health System S.A. designs, develops, and sells services dedicated to helping people, in particular elderly people. DHS services are based on very sophisticated miniaturized electronic devices. The company’s activity revolves around three complementary sectors in the field of remote security: healthcare, physical security of people, and security of peoples’ environments.
DHS was founded at the end of 2002, under a research contract for the European Space Agency. The Nîmes European Business and Innovation Centre accompanied DHS in its early phases. Ynolis, the wristwatch bracelet that detects when people fall, is the first product offer released by DHS. The company is currently targeting institutions that take care of elderly and handicapped people. Starting in 2007, Ynolis will be available for elderly people at home, using a home-assistance platform such as Presence Verte, Europ Assistance, and others. The exterior design of the Ynolis product will soon be enhanced with Swiss technology and design.