Webinar Package


A recent Forbes Insight survey shows that 59% of respondents are more likely to watch a video than read text in social media.

Maybe it’s time to consider a live webinar program through smart-energy.com.

The bespoke webinar is a fully integrated marketing solution allowing your organisation to convey a complex proposition to a targeted selection of 150,000+ database of energy professionals.

The package consists of:

  • A fully branded webinar platform
  • 4 dedicated, branded email communications to a targeted selection of our 150,000+ database
  • 1 question on the webinar registration form to capture critical market knowledge
  • 2 questions on the webinar feedback survey
  • Full contact information of all webinar registrants
  • On-going lead generation – the webinar will remain on smart-energy.com for 3 months

Campaign of one global webinar: $11,975 per webinar
Campaign of two global webinars: $10,975 per webinar
Campaign of three global webinars: $9,975 per webinar

In addition, we at METERING.COM are so confident we will meet your reasonable expectations, that up to 50% of your investment can be refunded if your (agreed) expectations are not met. Now that’s putting our money where our mouth is!

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