Anytime-anywhere access to key resources, by field workers and managers has become a modern business “Holy Grail”. For utilities, the ability to access real-time data from remote assets is changing the way they operate their business. As these utilities move toward a more centralized operational control model, data communication starts to play a more pivotal role in the overall operation of utilities’ distribution systems. Everyday more utilities are turning to wireless technologies to improve operations and decision making in the delivery of various customer services, including electric, gas, water, etc. As this reliance on wireless connectivity grows and technology improves, wireless networks start taking on an increasingly significant role as the backbone over which utilities are connected to their assets, employees and customers.

Behind the movement integrating wireless communications technologies into the operations of utilities are several technology drivers. The move towards digital communications over the past few decades has enabled direct and real-time remote data collection from end devices (e.g.: meters, capacitor banks, transformers) through standard TCP/IP protocols. Also, there have been a number of recent changes in wireless communications that have driven utility companies to take a fresh look at cellular communications for a number of utility focused applications including AMI, Smart Grid and Mobile Resource Management.

Telit is well on its way to provide the right market answers to all these issues with an extensive portfolio of developments and products explicitly structured to meet these requirements. Covering almost all frequencies and network topologies, the Telit portfolio offers an exhaustive range of modules accommodating nearly all existing country specific regulations. Telit is the only supplier that offers system integrators a one-stop solution, including cellular and short range (e.g. wireless M-Bus) technology as well as premium support. Or a unique, user friendly cellular / short range gateway solution enabling  the connection of numerous meters via short range frequencies and a central transmission of data over the cellular network, enhancing the return on invest for AMR application vendors.