Winning in Mexico’s utilities environment


The requirements for the electrical sector in Mexico are extensive. Rated the second largest economy in Latin America, Mexico has an annual electricity consumption growth rate of 6.7%. In order to address this growth, the country will need to invest over US$65 billion in their electrical system by 2010 – and this must include upgrading customer management technologies such as metering and CIS systems

The water utility business in Mexico is complex and broad. State-owned and operated utilities serve over 7 million customers, while those that are privately run have 2.5 million customers. This figure of 10 million service points, however, represents only half of the estimated 20 million households in the country.

Growth in the Mexican electricity and water sectors is unquestionable, as are the unprecedented opportunities for those players positioned to provide future proof solutions. The market has demonstrated a growing need for meters, upgraded measurement and energy management systems, and improved billing and CIS operations.

The Metering Mexico workshop, taking place in San Antonio, Texas, on May 9, 2007, provides a unique opportunity for utility professionals involved in the Mexican electricity, water and gas metering and customer management sectors to gain an overview of Mexico’s future industry structure, investment climate, and the success of their strategies, specifically highlighting the options, technologies, and competencies that will win in Mexico’s utilities environment.

The workshop forms part of North America’s leading metering and customer management event – Metering, Billing/CIS America – the premier platform to explore the latest trends driving metering, billing and customer management! For additional information, please contact Elize van Staden:, Phone 888 559 8017 (USA)/+ 27 21 700 3500 (international).