Wireless boom in energy sector

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San Francisco, CA, USA — (METERING.COM) — July, 2006 – Dramatic changes are occurring in the energy sector, with the service revenue growth in the M2M pervasive internet (M2M-PI) market expected to reach an annualized rate of 49%, according to Harbor Research’s 2006 forecast report for this market.

The report reviews the use of wireline and wireless technologies, including wireless WAN (cellular GSM, etc), wireless LAN and wireless PAN (Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.) in M2M-PI applications in a number of ‘venues’, or sectors.

The report says that at the venue level the ‘energy venue’ has shown the most dramatic changes compared with previous forecasts, and this is attributed to the increasing political focus on energy conservation, alternative forms of energy and environmental concerns.

The segments that are tracked are electricity supply side, demand side and gas/oil and natural resources, with over 30 device categories in the energy venue. Of these the report highlights the growing interest in utility meters on the demand side for both commercial and residential premises and says that this area has seen a substantial shift in sentiment and represents a considerable opportunity over the next few years.