Wireless drive-by data collection for leaks and meters


Leak detection and meter reading are both integral to the stability and success of the water industry. Now, Halma Water Management and Radio-Tech are proud to announce the world’s first combined “drive-by” automatic meter reading and leak detection system.

The HWM Patroller II Logging System is a handheld PDA-type device that is already used to do drive-by data collection from the leak detection Permalog+ noise loggers. Now, with the arrival of Radio-Tech’s SMART-Log meter reader, patrol teams picking up the leakage data can also wirelessly record meter reading information at the same time – seamlessly integrating the two processes into one, for a potentially exponential increase in efficiency. The data from both systems can then be viewed and analysed on the Patroller itself for an immediate response, or returned to a central location where the data from several patrolled areas can be collated. Software on the central computer system can then monitor, configure and present the readings to provide the operator with a comprehensive overview of water flow, consumption, supply and customer side leakage.

SMART-Log itself is the product of a powerful combination of proven technologies, creating an exceptional automatic meter reader. It is capable of converting any existing pulseenabled water meter into a virtual smart meter, and can store an entire year’s worth of half-hourly consumption and event history data. The measurements that are recorded can be used to determine accurate billings and tariff modelling, enforce seasonal and drought restrictions, identify back-flow, and even detect the presence of customer side leakage with low flow monitoring. The wireless technology transmits a beacon-type message every two seconds, resulting in rapid data transfer rates and enabling drive-by patrol speeds of up to around 50 km/h.

The SMART View system can also be used with the new technology. It is an environmentally friendly, solar powered, literally in-house display. SMART View allows residential customers to monitor their consumption and proactively check for leakage from the safety and comfort of their own home. The display uses both numerical and graphical representations to show customers their total, average, previous and current consumption on a rolling 30-day period.