Wireless mesh AMR solution for multi-tenant facilities


David Bovankovich,
V.P. Engineering,
E-MON/Hunt Power 
Germantown, MD, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 7, 2006 – Eka Systems, a provider of wireless mesh AMR solutions for utilities, is offering a scalable wireless mesh AMR solution for multi-tenant facility applications. The EkaNet™ wireless mesh AMR system is a true mesh network that provides a reliable two-way near real time data transport solution.

The EkaNet platform is a patented wireless mesh technology without the limitations associated with controlled and managed ‘mesh-like’ systems. Meter nodes respond to the dynamic wireless environment to intelligently route data without hard limitations on the number of hops or meter nodes per gateway.

A true mesh network with complete self-configuration technology, where all meters have multiple channels available for communicating, EkaNet provides the ability to create large-scale AMR systems with low operating costs. The system comes with installation and field tools for rapid deployment.

Eka’s mesh technology is ideal for submetering electric meters in both commercial buildings and apartment complexes. In addition water meters and other battery-powered devices can attach themselves to electric meters and become part of the network. Standalone battery networks are feasible by making use of powered relays.

Facility owners deploying E-MON meters can purchase a complete meter and network solution from E-MON. “The technology works out of the box,” says David Bovankovich, V.P. Engineering at E-MON/Hunt Power. “Interval data is available as soon as the meters are turned on and we have conducted extensive tests of the network, both in the lab and in a real facility. We have a very good framework for an infrastructure solution where multiple meter services can be provided over a single network.”