WIRELYSS embedded antenna technology enabling the Green-Tech SMART Meter revolution


By Norman Smith

There are reckoned to be over 2 billion utility meters world-wide, with only about 10% of those capable of remote meter reading. The recent global economic downturn has spurred the passing of US government green-technology stimulus packages, to the tune of billions of dollars, with massive rebates available to utilities installing Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and SMART Meters(1). China, Europe and other countries are also pledging similar infrastructure investments.

Present commercial-off-the-shelf electric utility meter embedded antenna solutions offer inferior and unacceptable price-performance benefits as deployment run-rates push through the 100,000 units/month mark. As price-pressure increases on antenna designers, there exists a pressing need for cost-effective embedded antennas with breakthrough price-performance benefits.

 You can access the whitepaper here.