Workshop on communication standards at World Meter Design Congress


The World Meter Design Congress, taking place in the capital of Silicon Valley, San José, from February 20-22, 2008, will feature a pre-conference workshop on network communication standards and TDL.

This workshop will give an introduction of TDL and EDL for use by AMI systems that are deployed over ANSI C12.19 tables and ANSI C12.2 networks.
It is specifically aimed at the technical audience of the World Meter Design Congress, which targets engineers and system architects.

The workshop will be led by Dr Avygdor Moise, president of Calgary, Canada-based Future DOS R&D Inc., an AMR and AMI network implementation consultancy to American and Canadian electrical utilities, meter manufacturers and AMR vendors.

Moise designs metering firmware, AMI systems architectures and testing facilities for electronic meters. He is the author of the User’s Guide for MC/ANSI/IEEE Standard Data Communication Protocol for Electronic Metering.  He also chairs the Data Communication Working Group of the Measurement Canada Task Force on Data Communications Protocol for Electronic Metering Devices and more.

For more information on this workshop and to find out more about the program, which includes a second pre-conference workshop on meter product design and the MMI and a 2-day conference, please contact the conference manager, Julia Former: