World Meter Design Congress – Attend our smart sessions!


Don’t miss the smart sessions at World Meter Design Congress from February 23-24, 2009 in San Francisco, CA, which will provide an intimate platform to communicate directly with your target audience.

The chairman of the Zigbee-Alliance, Bob Heile, will conduct the morning session on the first conference day, discussing ‘Zigbee over PLC using Home Plug’.

On day 2, Darren Highfill, Head of AMI at Enernex, will give talk about ‘AMI security and system architecture for the future’. The session will examine state-of-the-art design principles and best practices, specifically highlighting how utilities can leverage current industry activities to enable the creation of secure architectures.

Each session (including breakfast) runs for 45 minutes. A selected group of attendees will be seated at roundtables during the session. After a short presentation, participants will be allowed time to discuss topical issues amongst themselves and then onto the rest of the floor through the session chair.

Each of the “Smart Sessions” at the World Meter Design Congress 2009 will put a key issue in the spotlight for detailed analysis and interactive discussion. A chosen selection of high-profile professionals from an array of utilities, vendors, consultants and other authorities in the metering and R&D field will be seated around roundtables during this breakfast session. This will allow for the opportunity to communicate directly with one another, to discuss corresponding issues and to attempt to find solutions to these problems. During the session, the chairman will introduce the relevant subject matter and pose a series of scenarios or questions to the audience. Then, each of the groups is given an allotted time to discuss the issues and to propose solutions. Afterwards, an elected spokesperson from each roundtable will give a short report on his/her group’s debate.  

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